When Cheap Costs More than you Bargained for

Just like the next person, I like a good bargain.  I light up at the very thought of a discount, especially when it comes to something usually expensive.  Being in the field of technology, most of the best high tech gadgets seem to fall right into the regions of too expensive, in my honest opinion.  Luckily, I have friends who prove to me, time and time again, that nothing is too expensive to buy.  Of course, it depends on your disposable income.  One of my closest friends told me that I am 'cheap', regardless of my disposable income.  I retorted several times back (as juvenile as that sounds) with "No, I'm not.  I'm frugile: there's a difference - I'm not cheap".  However, the latest life episodes I just had with my uber-cheap phone proves to me that I probably should spend just a little more on my next phone. 


We're Blogging

Welcome to our redesigned site. We used to blog a bit on our website. It is honest enough to say that we lost track. We "possibly" got a bit lazy and stopped dead in our tracks. So, after quite a long awaited hiatus, we are back and hopefully - in full force. You may wonder what we will be blogging about. Well, wonder no more (feel the sarcasm,... anyway), we will talk about a bit of everything: ICT solutions in Malawi, web technologies, tips and tricks, free resources that we stumbled on and thought you would like, and various other topics. If you have any topic you would like to recommend we tackle, please feel free to contact us. We'ld be happy to possibly, give it a go. So mark this space (or perhaps rather - bookmark our site) and pop back soon. '

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